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- Spark your musical fire and keep the embers glowing -

Whether you wish to learn to play the ukulele, to write a song or brush up on your vocals, Musical Embers provides you with the tools you need to get your musical fire started and to encourage your embers to keep glowing. Lessons are fun, authentic and easy to follow and can be delivered online or in person.



- Sharing the warmth of the Embers -

Dorset born singer-songwriter, Kitty Stewart, is a respected musician and teacher within the community and has performed at over 40 different venues and festivals across the south of England. Driven by her passion for making music and its therapeutic benefits, Kitty is dedicated to sharing her skills and knowledge with children and adults wishing to explore their musical creativity.



- Ukulele - Singing - Songwriting -

Musical Embers offers 1-to-1 or group lessons and courses for children, teenagers and adults. These can be delivered online or in person - in the comfort of your own home, in nature or in schools and workplaces.


- Fun, easy and a great musical companion -

Whether you're a beginner or you already know a few tunes, Musical Embers will help the ukulelist in you!

Kitty offers uniquely tailored 1-to-1 lessons to suit your specific needs and 6-week beginners courses teaching you all the basics including chords, strums and finger picking.


- A powerful tool for processing and expressing emotions, spreading messages and telling stories -

Kitty offers a range of techniques to help you find your creative flare and to uncover the songwriter within. 

Visual art, guided meditation and free-writing are incorporated to help you unlock and explore your creativity. Focusing on feeling rather than theory whilst still cultivating the key elements of songwriting, Kitty draws wisdom from her own experience and training to deliver inspiring and innovative workshops.


- We are born natural singers, sometimes we just need to rediscover our voice -

Did you know that singing is scientifically proven to boost your emotional, physical and mental health?

Whether you've performed a few gigs or you're an absolute beginner, Kitty will share her techniques and encouragement to get you feeling confident. You'll be given guidance in breath and muscle discipline and body posture whilst covering a range of songs. Tips in performing to an audience or camera can also be offered. Meditation, breath work and light yoga stretches will also be incorporated into lessons.



~ Music is a universal language that brings strength to communities. It is a powerful tool for processing and releasing emotions and creating connection amongst ourselves, other humans and nature ~

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Kitty offers a range of music workshops in ukulele, singing, songwriting and improvisation. This is a great opportunity to get creative, to learn new skills and to have fun as well as helping to strengthen the connection between your family and friends.

  • Perfect for special occasions, community gatherings, experience weekends, camping trips etc.

  • Song sheets, ukuleles and percussion can be provided

  • A welcoming, safe and supportive environment for all, promoting self-confidence, growth, a sense of wellbeing and good fun!

  • Suitable for all ages, special needs and abilities


An intimate evening of acoustic music around your campfire with popular singer-songwriter Kitty Stewart. This will be a night to remember!

Inviting Kitty to play at your family gathering, romantic night away or friendly campout will make your evening truly magical. Heart-warming tales will accompany her mix of original songs and covers themed around nature, what it is to be human and silly songs that'll make you laugh, dance and sing, Kitty has a natural ability to captivate her audience and she brings uplifting energy to every occasion.


Prices vary. Get in touch for more info and bookings.

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I came to see Kitty for singing lessons after decades of believing I "couldn't sing" because that's what I had been told. Kitty's unique approach to teaching, which combines being in nature with meditation and pranayama as well as warm up exercises and singing practise, really helped me to feel relaxed, grounded and in my body. I immediately felt comfortable and knew I was in good hands. With Kitty's encouragement and belief, I really enjoyed lessons and in a short time really noticed a difference in my confidence. And it turns out...
I can sing!
~ Vicky

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Kitty is a brilliant ukulele teacher. She's so friendly, patient and welcoming in her lessons and that makes you feel at ease. I was an absolute beginner and after just one lesson I was confident playing a simple song. She provides excellent handouts so you can continue to practice at home. I had so much fun in Kitty's ukulele course and would definitely recommend it to everyone!!
~ Louise



  • 1-to-1 Lessons - £20 per 30 mins / £30 per hour

  • 1-to-1 ukulele course - £150 (6 x hour-long lessons)

  • Online group ukulele course - £95

  • Online songwriting workshops - from £15

  • Private workshops and performances - from £100

  • Gift vouchers available from £10

*Prices include travel within a 5 mile radius of teacher location (Bournemouth / Glastonbury / Bristol ) - please contact for more info.

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