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- We are all born natural singers, sometimes we just need to rediscover our voice -

Did you know that singing is scientifically proven to boost your emotional, physical and mental health?


LESSONS: Whether you are an expert at singing in the shower, have performed a few gigs already or you are an absolute beginner, Kitty will share her techniques and encouragement to get you feeling confident. You will be given guidance in body posture, breath and muscle discipline whilst covering a range of songs, tailored to suit your needs and interests. Tips and techniques in performing to an audience and camera or advice in using technical equipment can also be offered. Meditation, breath work and light yoga stretches can be incorporated into lessons.

WORKSHOPS: Online 'Singing for Wellbeing' sessions to help you to feel good! Join us as we sing nature based and multicultural songs to soothe the mind, heart and soul. No singing experience is needed and you don't need to be 'good' in order to reap the wellbeing rewards! The beauty of doing these sessions online is that you can sing from the comfort of your home and no-one else in the session will be able to hear you. All participants will be muted so you will just hear Kitty's voice. You can be free to improvise and sing however you wish until your heart is content and without the pressure of sounding good.

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