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- A powerful tool for processing and expressing emotions, spreading messages and telling stories -

Offering a range of techniques to help you find your creative flare and to uncover the songwriter within. 

Visual art, guided meditation and free-writing (inspired by the Artists Way by Julia Cameron) are incorporated to help you unlock and explore your creative writing. Focusing on feeling rather than theory whilst still cultivating the key elements of songwriting, Kitty draws wisdom from her own experience and training to deliver inspiring and innovative workshops.

LESSONS: Perfect if you would like to develop a song you’ve already started, if you are a beginner or if wish to explore new songwriting methods and creative tools. Lessons are tailored to suit your specific needs and goals and a variety of artistic and holistic approaches including art, poetry and meditation can be incorporated to help you explore your creativity and improve your emotional wellbeing.

WORKSHOPS: A variety of online and in-person group workshops are held throughout the year offering a range of tools to write a song, covering topics such as theme, language, intonation, melody, how to apply lyrics to music and much more. Drawing inspiration from visual art, poetry, free-writing and meditation is often incorporated to help unlock your creativity.


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I took a 11 course with Kitty to help me write and perform a song for my partner’s birthda
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