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- Fun, easy and a great musical companion -

Whether you're an absolute beginner or you already know a few tunes on the uke, I can help the ukuleleist in you! Focusing on feeling rather than theory (so no need to read music, hoorah), I teach adults and children online and in person. 

LESSONS: Uniquely tailored to suit your specific needs and perfect if you’re a beginner, if you already have some skills or if you wish to learn something in particular. 

30 minute ukulele lessons are also available for children. 

COURSE: Specially designed set course teaching you all you need to know, from the very basics such as how to tune and care for your ukulele, how to play chords and strums, to finger picking and learning to sing and play at the same time using a variety of popular songs. By the end of the course you'll be playing over 12 chords, 6 strums and 20 songs! 

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